Chapter 2: Training the Wild Wyvern

Part 1

"I need to be more careful I nearly brought the school down with Dust Storm. Still this only at 5% power."

"Pondering our thoughts on the mock battle eh?"


"Easy it's just me Jet calm down."

"Sorry about that Yui, but don't scare me like that I thought you were another student wanting to question me."

"It's alright I'd be on edge too if I was in your current position."

"Let's get out of here I don't think it's a good idea for me to stick around right now."

"Good point. Let's go my family's dojo it's where I live. We can talk more and there's something I need show and confirm with you."

"Alright that's fine."

We took the next skyline off the island. We didn't speak about anything on the ride over there. I was nervous because I've never been to a another person's house before unless it was Jaeger's letting me come to stay over for a vacation, and it was Yui's house no less. A girl is letting me come over to her house and live with her this just like something out of a light novel, manga, anime, or video game except it's real. What am I going to do and how should I conduct myself. These thought plagued my mind for the short trip.

(30 minutes later.)

"This is Jet, welcome to the Tachibana Dojo!"

"This is a dojo? I thought it was hot spring inn, this place is huge!"

"We actually do have a hot spring in the back it's just well hidden."

"Say what? The more you tell me the more questions I have for you and your family."

"Well no point standing around out here let's go in."

"Hey why are you grabbing my hand?"

"Because you're moving too slow right now let's get a move on."

"Hey what about your parents and family members I'm sure they're going to question you on why a guy is here."

"Don't worry my family is busy right now. My mom is on a trip training people in America on the Tachibana style of fighting, my dad works until midnight in Akihabara's Battle Arena, my older brother works at the shogun council and has his own place, my older sister is has teaching job over in Echigo, and my younger sister is in middle busy with clubs, so we don't have to worry about anything until about 7:00 pm."

"That does not reassure me of anything you know."

"You're thinking about this a little too hard."

"Now come on let me show you my room."

"Wait hold up I think you're moving a little too fast my heart is not ready yet."

My concerns fall on deaf ears. When she gets like this there's no stopping her, but in a sense I found that cute as well about her. However I still have to have to deal with her dragging me to where most guys dream of ever going to a girl's bedroom.

"Great so this is your room right?"

"Yep. This is my room."

"I was expecting to see some stuffed plushies, but I did not expect you to be into the Gothic Lolita fashion."

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"Nothing bad I swear!"

"Just busting your balls I know that. I've always liked this style of fashion, but I do add my own style to it just to make it my own."

"Okay my heart is an erratic mess right now can you tell me why you dragged me in here before I pass out completely due to nervousness."

"Alright I think you have been teased enough."

"Thank you."

"Listen I wanted to confirm that you are the Mystic Swordsman please take a look at this."

"What is it?"

"It's a crest, this one is call the Wild Wyvern. It only activates when a person is chosen to be a mechanized mystic warrior worthy of their powers sealed inside."

"What does that have to do with me? Everybody is pretty much is a fighter in this day and age with or without crest."

"That's true but only those with a crest have true connections with their weapons and spirits inside of them along with the past wielders of them. Every Mystic Swordsman had their own crest one of my childhood friends knew so much about the legends that she gave me lecture about for a month so the information could sink in."

"So basically what you want me to do is to take the crest, and see if it reacts to me right?"

"Yes my family has been charged with looking after the crest for many generations for one day if the time shall arise that the mystic swordsman will need this specific power."

"Okay if this succeeds I'll keep my promise and live here, but if it fails I going to stay with the Jaegers."

"That sounds fair to me. Now pick up the crest and let's see what happens next."

"Focus Rioichi, remember your training from Master Yoshimitsu."

The minute I picked the crest and closed my eyes to establish a link I felt a warm glow in my right arm. When I opened my eyes again I was in floating air space like the same dream I had two weeks before school started.

Part 2

"Who dares disturb the Wild Wyvern?"

A deep, loud voice resonates in the area, but I wasn't afraid it was more like I wanted to know more about him. So I responded to the voice with my spirit.

"That was rude. I know you've been asleep for a long time, but is that any way to treat a person who just came to visit."

"Excuse me but you're just child, what would you know about being a spirit long forgotten? I can only awaken when a person is deemed worthy enough to become a mystic."

"Fair enough, but if I came here then that means I'm worthy right?"

"You look nothing like my past wielders then again most of my memories are gone from being sealed away."

"Then you and I are similar because I lost 8 years of my childhood, and I don't know about my past either, which is I'm going live to for the future here and now."

"You're definitely interesting, different from the any other host I had, question now becomes are you ready to accept the burden that comes with a crest? There's no going back once we are bound together until death. The one who wield this crest shall become the Mystic Swordsman and protect this world from the ever-growing darkness of the evil gods."

"Yes I'm willing to accept this burden, I won't run or hide from this lend me your power!"

"Your call has been heard and now it shall be answered! Give me your name and the contract shall be completed!"

"My name is Rioichi Sakuraba!"

"Very well Rioichi, seal the power within this boy for he shall become the Mystic Swordsman!"


"Impressive the contract is complete the power is at your disposal master."

"Thanks, but what's your name? Don't you have one?"

"I've only been called Wyvern by every host I've had. I don't have a true name, at least not one that I can remember."

"Everyone needs a name, including you so how about I give you one?"

"As you wish master."

"Hm...I got it. How about Dust?"


"Yes, the name Dust I think suits you pretty well."

"It's simple yet it has so much meaning. I very well I shall accept the name my master!"

"Listen we're partners now so call me either Rioichi or Jet okay none of this master business."

"As you wish Jet. I think it's time you returned back to your own body we'll talk more later on."

"Back to reality. Alright Dust I'm going to hold you true to your word. I'll call when I need you."

"That's right partner we're now together as one."

Part 3

"Eh....Man what happened?"

"You're awake!"

"Whoa! Yui?"

"This is for making me worry so much about you!"

(Smack! Smack!)

"Ouch! Come on was that really necessary?"

"Yes, you had me worried for past 2 hours. I thought you were dead for sure."

"That's a cruel statement coming from you. In the first place you gave me the crest!"

"Well it doesn't matter now right? It must have worked really well look at your crest now."

"What is this? The crest has different look now then when we started."

"That's because the crest takes form based off the wielder's personality and fighting style, but this form is interesting because I've never seen a Yin-Yang symbol look like this before."

"Maybe it's related to my conflicting natures inside me."

"Conflicting natures?"

"It's a long story, but I'll tell it when you decide to be straight forward with me on why you had your eye me."

"Well then that story is going to be on hold for a while. Ignoring that let's eat something. I know you must be getting hungry by now."


"(Blush) Dang she got me there."

"I knew it, come on you get to taste my home cooking."

"Well I can't refuse this offer after all I have to keep my word."

"Well let's go and you're helping me cook!"

All of the things that happened to me today may seem a little weird when looking at it from an outside perspective but for some reason I got use it already. Yui went out of her way to make me feel welcome in her home. During dinner preparations she showed another side to her that most people don't get to see too often unless it's her own family. That side of her is a mix of affection and compassion. She shows kindness to others and yet she also knows when to be firm and serious. During dinner she told me all about her family and why Tachibana name is important to her. She went on for the next 3 hours, but I didn't mind kind of makes me remember about the dinner conversations I used to have with Master Yoshimitsu.

3 hours later.)

"Okay Jet I suggest we call it a day we start bright and early tomorrow morning at dawn."

"Right. Um where am I suppose to sleep?"

"You can use my older brother's room he's got his own place now and he only comes home to visit, but not stay so I'm sure he won't mind if someone else uses it."

"Okay goodnight Yui!"

"Rest well Jet, see you in the morning."

"(Sigh.) Man that was interesting and my heart is still an erratic mess. I can't believe Yui let me see her room most girls would be very nervous when a guy they just met comes over to house let alone invite them into their room for the first time. Okay Jet pull yourself together and focus on the training tomorrow."


"So this is her brother's room? It's definitely different from what I'm used to but I can adapt to this no problem."


"Oh man I'd better get into the bed now before I pass out on the floor. So comfy yet it still has that futon feeling to it."

As I drifted off to sleep I found myself hearing the same voice I heard for the past two weeks before today.

"The power is has been accepted, and the swordsman will be reborn."

"The same voice who are you?"

"Just a guide as I stated before."

"There's more to that isn't there?"

"I can't say for she might eavesdrop on us."

“I wish you could just be straight forward with me on this whole swordsman business.”

“Listen well Jet the road before you is a long and grueling one are you prepared for anything that might happen?”

“As I stated before it doesn’t matter what you throw at me I just want to achieve my master’s dream.”

“Your resolve is definitely your own Jet I understand.”

“What’s your name? I’ve been meaning to ask that, but it slipped my mind every time.”

“Just call me Raki for now.”

“Raki that’s unusual.”

“Not anymore unusual than your nickname.”

“That was a cheap shot. Anyway why did you appear again?”

“To warn you about a company named BloodClaw Productions and their plans to resurrect the goddess of necromancy.”

“Goddess of Necromancy? Who is that?”

“Her name is Hecate.”

“Can you tell me anything else?”

“I wish I could but our time is up once again. I have to go before I get found out. We’ll speak again soon.”

“Hey you can’t just put me on a cliffhanger and run. Wait!”

Too late she’s gone from my dream space. I can hear something really loud. Then I realized it was the alarm clock.

“4:00 am time for training, good thing it’s just like how Master Yoshimitsu trained me. Everything seems to be falling into place right now.”



“Wait what was that? I don’t remember something this soft or firm in my bed last night. Is it a ball, or some type of gel pack?”



“Please be gentler with them Jet…”

“What the hell Yui!? Yipe!”

I don’t believe it Yui is in the bed, naked! No pajamas, nightgown, not even underwear she’s just bare. I got to stop this before the blood rushes to my head and I pass out due a chronic nosebleed.

“Yui wake up it’s time for training.”

“Jet is that you I see your awake already, but why aren’t you facing me?”

“Let me ask the questions here for starters why are you naked and why are you in the bed with me?”

“I can’t sleep unless I’m nude, clothes are restricting to me. Also I slept with you as reward for your mock battle victory yesterday.”

“So that was the surprise you had planned yesterday anyway can you please put your clothes so we can begin training?”

“Alright, but first turn around so I see your face.”

“You sure about that I mean you’re completely nude.”

“I’m telling that it is okay to look now turn around!”

“Yes ma’am.”

“There that wasn’t so bad right?”

“I’m doing my best not let myself get nosebleed.”

“How cute even you get nervous.”

“Any guy would be nervous when they see a nude woman for the first time in real life.”

“True! Now let’s get a move on we have 2 hours of training before school starts.”

(About 10 minutes later.)

“This is one of the training areas our dojo has. Each area focuses on parts of martial arts and weapons, but today I’m training you so you unleashed even more of your power in battle.”

“Are you sure this will work I mean no disrespect, but how will this help me?”

“This will help you control your powers and become synchronized with your crest. The tournament itself is going to be brutal in terms of fighting, so you need to be prepared because there are other crest users possibly along with the fact that people have more magic power than you do.”

“Alright so what do you want me to do first?”

“Simply dodge and counter my attacks.”

“That seems pretty simple.”

“But here’s the catch. I’m using my own crest to aid in this training!”

“Wait you didn’t mention anything about you being a crest wielder!”

“That’s how it is my student! Now I suggest you start running or this will end really quickly.”

“Oh man you’re crazy!”

“Dance Jet, dance to the tune of my training session.”

At soon as I got a certain distance from her she started shooting arrows in rapid fire motion. There were more arrows than her mock battle yesterday.

“Wyvern Vision!”


“Whoa if didn’t dodge that one I’d would have been fried extra crispy.”

“Don’t get lax here come some more!”


“I can see them.”

“(Impressive he’s dodging them all without skipping a beat. Okay then let’s change it up then!) Let’s see if you can handle this!”

“She changed it up now I have to counter her strikes as they come in. Okay then Rapid Claw!”

(Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink!)

“So fast! Alright then I’m coming at you! Charge!

(Clash! Clash! Clash! Clash! Clash! Clash! Clash! Clash! Clash! Clash! Clash! Clash!)

“You’re really good if you unleashed your true power then I would be at a big disadvantage.”

“You’re not bad yourself there Jet, but let’s see if you can keep up with me for the next two hours!”

She’s really unorthodox like me in terms of fighting, and yet I feel we have different ways of showing our true power. However it’s great to find someone who will take me seriously like master did. I want her to see me as another warrior on her level. I want to show her that she made the right choice in making a team with me.


2 hours later.)

“Good grief that training was brutal.”

“I’m impressed that you were able to keep pace with me. Some people that come to this dojo give up hallway through the lesson.”

“I can see why the training your family does can get really intensive.”

“Well I think you have adapted pretty well to it, so I think you can handle the rest training I have planned for you!”

“More training like this?”

“Of course you’re unorthodox like me in terms of training so this method is effective.”

“Okay then I’ll listen to what you say and follow your instructions after we made a deal.”

“Good boy now we need to get ready and eat breakfast, so we can get to class.”

“You’re right all that training made me hungry.”

Part 4

“That was a refreshing shower I need to get ready for the day and go to kitchen to eat.”

(Rustle! Rustle!)


“Defend yourself intruder!”



“Who are you?”

"Clam down sir."

"Calm down? How can I calm down? You're an intruder and intruders get eliminated."

"No choice got to fight!"

"What's with all the noise? Father!"

"Yes my daughter?"

"What are you doing?"

"Getting rid of this perverted intruder!"

"Stop this immediately that's the boy I told you about yesterday!"

"Wait this is the F-Rank?"

"Yes now decease and desist."

"Oh I'm so sorry there Mr. Sakuraba!"

"It's fine and please call me Jet. Let's talk more in the kitchen I would hate for Yui's cooking to get cold."

"Of course."

(15 minutes later.)

"So that's what happened you and your master were attacked by BloodClaw Productions right?"

"Yes and I had no choice but to end my master's life so I could prevent this sword from going out of control."

"Well I can see why my daughter had her eye on you. The way you blocked attack was interesting and strong."

"Thank you for your praise Mr. Tachibana."

"Please call me Kenta or even better yet father if you wish."

"That's going to be awhile before I can do that."

(Munch! Munch! Munch! Munch!)

"Well I wanted to remove the formalities between us."

"Father Rioichi here still has to go through all the rituals before we marriage you know! Also... he can marry whoever he wants so d-don't pressure him. (Blush)"

Even Yui get nervous when she hears the marriage. She's so cute like this.

"Anyway how's the food Jet?"

"Really good! So tasty, can I have seconds please?"

"Of course Jet!"

"Hey Mr. Tachibana does Yui does the cooking normally?"

"Yes she does, ever since her mom went around the world teaching our style to other countries. It helps me out tremendously."

"I can agree on that it's so tasty like my parents home cooking before I lost them."

"Listen Rioichi, you can stay here as long as you like. This is your home now."

"Thank you sir and sorry imposing on you, but Yui can be very convincing if you get what I mean."

"Believe me I understand she's inherited that from her mother as well."

"Why are you whispering? Is there something you wish to tell me?"

"Nothing at all!"

"Right here you go Jet your second helping."

"Thanks Yui this so good!"

(Munch! Munch! Munch!)

"Hey where's Hiromi and Michiko? They should have been up by now!"

"I think those two are sleeping in."

"Dang it they should have been up by now!"

"Wait where are you going?"

"To wake those two up they know the rules about sleeping in too late."

"Should I go and calm her down?"

"No need this happens all the time, so brace yourself for the storm that is my daughter."

(Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!)

"Wake up two it's already 7:30!"

"Come on sis 5 more minutes."

"Yeah, we got home late last night I need more sleep."

"Get up two now!"

"Hey what are you--?"

"No fair sister!"


"Ouch that was uncalled for!"

"Get moving breakfast is ready!"

"Yes ma'am."

"See what I mean just eat and treat this like any other day."

"Got it remind me to never get her angry."

"Is something wrong Jet?"

"Nothing at all."

Damn Yui, you are scary when angered.

"Sister how could you do that to us? I mean I work hard I at least deserve to sleep--"

"What's wrong there Hiromi? You just froze up in an instant. What's wrong?"

"Hello there nice to meet you."

"Yui you didn't tell me about him had I known this I would have been up earlier."

"Back off Hiromi we don't have time to deal with you right now school awaits me and Jet. Finish up Rioichi we're leaving!"

"Wait for me Yui! It was nice meeting you all we'll be back after school."

"Good luck you two and Jet one more thing."


"Please look after my daughter."

"You can count on me Mr. Tachibana."

"Move it Jet now!"

"Coming! See you later! Wait up Yui!"

"This is the most fun I've seen Yui ever have with another person let alone a guy."

"Who was he father?"

"Just a classmate of Yui's right now is all."

"You sure he's way too cute. I hope Yui realizes the potential in him."

"Wait and see Hiromi trust me those two are definitely going to win the tournament as a team."

"Whatever you say father. Rioichi Sakuraba huh?"

"Sister I'm hungry let's eat."

"Right Michiko. Sorry about that I was deep thinking again."

Part 5

"Hiromi I swear that sister of mine has no boundaries sense of shame."

"You guys seem close though. Is that how you guys show family love?"

"Sorry you had to see that Jet, but it's always like this in my home during the mornings."

"It's fine if I'm going to be staying with at the dojo I have to get use to that environment right?"

"You're surprising calm about all of this?"

"If I let little things like that rattle or shock me every time then I have no chance of winning the tournament I have to adapt."

"You catch on quick. Listen after school today I have to take care of some business. It pertains to our registrations for the tournament."

"Okay I guess?"

"You're on your own after school today is what I'm telling you."

"Just tell me that right out of the gate."

"Anyway remember to train tonight as well and I'll see you back at home alright?"

"Yes Yui of course."

"Good boy! Now let's get to class we don't want to be late and incur the wrath of Sensei Fujita right?"

"I don't want that she looks good, but she's definitely a woman who put you in your place when out of line."

(20 minutes later.)

"Alright people class is in session please take your seats."

"Yes sensei."

The school day dragged on after that with Sensei Fujita's lessons after all we're still high school students. Yui and I ate together again during lunch in our spot from yesterday. Mainly to avoid the painful looks of disdain from the other students. She was regular person around me personality and all. She didn't let our rankings get in the way of our friendship. It's strange and yet I feel relieved at that thought.

(6 hours later.)

"Okay class that will be all for today. Sakuraba the director would like to speak with you in her office."

"Understood I'll make my way over there now."

"You didn't do anything crazy right?"

"Of course not it's only been 2 days besides you would have trained and beaten the chi out of me if I caused trouble."

"Very true. Later Jet remember I'll be late!"

"Got it!"

"What's that F-Rank up to with Yui?"

"Who knows may be something perverted no doubt."

"This is unfair I want to be Yui's partner in the tournament."

"Great more rumors I'd better get out of here before people add anymore fuel to the fire."

(5 minutes later.)



"Sensei said the director was in her office right? Where is she?"



"Got you now!"

"Whoa! Need to draw my weapon!"

"Easy there Jet!"

"Director Kirigiri you really should be careful who you pull a sneak attack on."

"Good reflexes there Jet. I was right to change the school's policy."

"Anyway my teacher said you needed to see me?"

"Right I need to ask how do you like your school life so far?"

"It's only 2 days in, but I will say it exciting and interesting right now despite where I stand right now."

"That'll blow over soon enough once the main team battle event begins."

"I hope your right. Don't get me wrong I'm not doing this for popularity, my purpose is to make my master's dream come true along with my own as well. My dream is simple to become the greatest swordsman and form a team that helps this world build a better future."

"It's an admirable dream there Jet, but are willing to bear that burden?"

"Yes, I don't care what happens I will not waiver in my resolve."

"I see well then good luck to you and team with Tachibana, normally faculty are suppose to remain neutral to be fair with all students, but I can make an exception with you Jet your mock battle results say more than enough for me on that subject."

"Wait you know about the fact that we're forming a team? How?"

"During your lunch hour I eavesdropped listened in on your conversation."

"That's stalking director even in your position it's still illegal without probable cause!"

"Leave me alone Jet, as long as I'm here it's my job to make sure you students are safe and enjoy a regular high school life along with your mechanized weapons training."

"Yes director I understand. Is that all you need to say?"

"Wait there's something else I must address with you."

"What is it more rules?"

"Not quite."

"Then what else do you need to say?"



She just made a mischievous smile this can't be good, and motioning to her body. I'd better get out here now or else this could end badly for me!


"Yeah I'll see you later director!"

"Come here Jet I don't bite much."

"Don't know what you're saying or offering, but I have to kindly refuse."


"I wanted to play with him more. I think my joke went a little too far scared him off. Well I know for a fact that things will be even more interesting around here. Maybe I should warned him about BloodClaw Productions. He'll figure it out I'm sure."

(In Front of the School Gate.)

"Whew! The director should be classier especially in front students in private moments. I couldn't tell whether she joking or being serious. No point in trying to debate this anymore let's go home I still have to train so should take a break before I begin."

"Excuse are Rioichi Sakuraba?"


"Behind you."

"Hey! Don't do that."

"Sorry I just wanted to talk with you is all."

"Okay that's fine, but who are you?"

"I'm Misaki Akechi, 2nd Year, A-Rank I wanted to meet with you Rioichi."

"Listen we can't talk here it maybe after the school, but there are still plenty of students here and the looks they give me are still painful given my current ranking and position even after school hours."

"We can go anywhere you want I just want to talk for awhile to get to know you better."

"O-okay then!"

"Something wrong there Rioichi? Your face is turning red and starting to burn up."

"Nothing is wrong with me I'm okay really."

"If you say so Rioichi. Hehehe!"

"You're enjoying this a little too much aren't you?"

"Yes I am."

"Could you not tease me please?"

"(You're looking pale Rioichi. Better pull yourself together because I'm not stopping until you're mine!)"

Another girl normally talking to me like this would be a dream come true for every guy here because she's a 2nd year and she's gorgeous, but she different air to her than Yui does. Why did she say she wanted to meet with me? It does not make any sense. I have the lowest ranking here in the whole school no one will talk with me except for most of the teachers, the director and Yui. She's definitely up to something, but in order to be sure I need play along for now and see what she wants.