Main Characters

Rioichi "Jet" Sakuraba (1st Year F-Rank)

A 15 year old high-school boy who will begin his 1st year at the prestigious Kanto Academy and the main male protagonist. His past is shrouded in mystery and only remembers certain parts of his past most being with tragedy until the day he had to kill his master in order to inherit the power of his mechanized sword that has been passed down from master to apprentice for generations. Despite everything that happened to him along with being ranked the lowest in the whole school he still has an optimistic, upbeat attitude about life, never stops training in order to become a true sword master. His life really takes a wild ride when meets with the top-ranked student in the whole school Yui Tachibana every time he is alone with her he sees a little girl in his memories not realizing it was her at time. His weapon of choice is a full katana set mechanized comprised a Katana, Wakizashi, and a Tanto. He can even create custom made chains for his weapons in order to change their appearance and type of powers and abilities. His real power is yet to be determined, but it is noted by Yui that he can surpass her level easily if he needed or wanted to, and she goes onto say that he has a strategist mind and can think while fighting while using ingenuity to keep things interesting and find new ways to fight. The only Jet remembers about his true ability is that it's called Bloodlust.

Yui Tachibana (1st Year S-Rank)

A 16 year old high-school girl at Kanto Academy she's been attending the academy since middle school. She was gifted with weapons from a young age under her family's dojo. She's been known as the Queen of Combat specializing in both long and close ranged combat. To everyone in the school she's the perfect balance of beauty, brains, and combat potency. Impressed with Jet's ability and skills with swords despite his ranking, she decides to make him join her team for the school's team tournament. She's also interested in the fact of Jet's true power and why he does not use it during fights. Yui knows Jet from the past as well from when they were kids, and she tries to get him to remember as well, but she knows only time will tell if he will remember her or not. Her personality is sweet, polite, and she can be very affectionate with praising someone especially with Jet, but she can get angry and real aggressive when her friends, family, home, and livelihood are threatened. She can get jealous when Jet spends more time with the other girls than her on the team. Her choice of weapon is a Glaive, a staff with two blades on each end that into 2 separate swords, and it can convert into a bow she can use for long range combat the flip through the of a switch or willpower. Her past is riddled with the fact that she lost one of her best friends when she was child due to a incident, and she says that Jet is similar to her for being a kind, caring, and strong. Her power is said to be on level with a goddess brimming with true power.

Team Yin-Yang Circuit

Misaki Akechi (2nd Year A-Rank)

A 17 year old girl in her second year at the Kanto Academy. She was hailed as the top school idol with high grades, beauty, elegance, combat potential combined with a strategic mind that the whole academy refers to her as the "Psychic Renegade" who can predict and anticipate her opponent's next move by simply reading their movements, muscles, and fighting technique. She's been bumped down to number 2 on the idol list because of Yui moving up the beauty ranking. Her personality in the beginning is rough edges and looks down on people she deems unworthy, but she acts mean only to hide her true nature of being a caring person deep down inside, and does not want to face the fact about her mother being gone and her dad making backdoor deals with BloodClaw Productions just to make sure their family noodle shop stays in business making her a kamidere. Originally she wanted to steal Jet away from Yui in order make squirm and feel jealous, but her plan backfires and instead she starts to open to Jet about her past and why she fights to get rid of BloodClaw Productions. After the noodle shop incident is resolved, and her father can work without feeling threatened she joins with Jet's and Yui's team for the school tournament, impressed with their skills, ingenuity, and spirit. She also develops feelings for Jet because of courage, and his will never to give up which resulted in her personality to make a drastic change from rough edge to humble and respect. Her choice of weapon is a single katana kept at her waist and fighting style mimics that of the legendary Mitsuhide Akechi who is her biological ancestor.

Shiki Takeda (1st Year B-Rank)

A 15 year old girl beginning her first year at Kanto Academy. She is the mirror image of Shingen Takeda in terms of always having a strategy cooked up in that brain of hers, and prefers try and negotiate with her opponents before resulting to fighting. But when she fights it's like the wind has her back in terms of being able to make swift movements and decisions. Her personality is also on the wild side in terms of going berserk when pushed too far. She gains an interest in Jet's team for being able to recruit a girl like Misaki to their ranks, and wants to know how they are able to fight with different styles working together. So decides to test Jet with a strategy game and if he wins, she will join his team for the school tournament, but if he loses he has to do everything she says for a full semester. Jet accepts and has no choice but unlock more his power to match with her skill. As the game goes on Shiki decides to make each challenge tougher than the last, but she becomes amazed at Jet's ability to move, fight, and think on his feet during battle. When it came down to their final battle Shiki pulled out all the stops to fight with Jet, and he has no choice to unlock more of his power. Their duel concluded with Jet being the last one standing. Shiki admits defeat and she says that Jet amusing and he shall bring about a revolution for this school and possibly the whole mechanized world, and she wants to be a part of the revolution that he will create, and also decides that Jet will become her lover as she fallen in love with for his character, charisma, and fighting style. Her choice of weapons are 3 fan blades, 2 that fold out into a complete circle that can be thrown to slice through enemies and they act like boomerangs, and last one is a attached to a small iron stick which can be shift into a big fan big enough slice tree in half.

Aerrow Mōri (1st Year E-Rank)

A 15 year old boy with a really bad case of gynophobia, and it gets so bad he breaks out in hives when girls way too close in his personal space. He has a timid personality, but a strong heart that wants to help others. People make fun of his phobia, give him a hard time in his classes, and treat him the like all low ranking students. Despite his initial nature he's natural born strategist and can plan for just every situation that comes up just like Motonari Mōri. He meets with Jet when he saves him from a bunch of 3rd Year girls hassling him with taunts and making him get flustered forcing his rash to appear. Aerrow decides to buy Jet lunch as a way of saying thanks for helping him out there. Jet accepts the proposal and decides they should speak as chow down. Aerrow leads Jet to his secret place of eating, and he explains why girls give him a hard time just because of phobia it's happened since middle school. Jet states that goes back even further, and Aerrow says yes and that when was younger that he had his family was everything to him and had childhood friends that cherish him to the point of where each of the girls treated him as a younger brother. He lived a nice, normal life until one day when an assassin came and killed his parents and their attendants and then he went after him and his childhood friends. They knew Aerrow was the sole heir to the Mōri if anything happened to his parents. They wanted to protect him not because of that title, but because of the fact he was kind, compassionate person despite his timid nature. They told him to hide under makeshift shelter and not to move until was safe. The last thing he remembers is their lifeless bodies as the dripping out blood thinking they were dead. As a result he has a bad case of gynophobia not knowing whether his childhood friends are alive or dead because the next day he returned to bury the bodies, but they were gone and the blood was cleaned up, and no tracks were found. Jet understood him because he lost a special person him as well, so he decided to help Aerrow out with his problem. After lunch he planned to meet up with him later to start training to become stronger and cure his phobia. Unfortunately the same 3rd Year Girls heckling him earlier kidnap him, and take him to a warehouse district in the city of Tokyo. Where he finds out those girls who kidnapped him are associates of the same assassin who killed his friends in his childhood. Aerrow was terrified out of his mind, and yet at the same time wanted to avenge his fallen friends from that day. He was able to turn the tables temporarily until the assassin pulled a cheap trick on him. Jet and his friends were to get find him thanks to the information he got from the 3rd Years who kidnapped him. Jet asked Aerrow "You want to be strong right, and find your fallen friends right?" Aerrow answered "Yes. I want to be strong just like you are Jet!" "Then let's go show him you're not same person you were 8 years ago! Fight!" Aerrow is able to face his past tormentor and beat him at his own game. Yui and the others already alerted the authorities, so Jet and Aerrow decided to get out there. After a light conversation Aerrow thanks Jet and his friends, he decides to use his new resolve and join Jet's team for the school tournament and become his apprentice in order to learn new ways of fighting, share strategies, and find a cure for his gynophobia. His choice of weapons are mechanized arm and leg gauntlets with arrows on the gloves that he can shoot at anytime. He has claws on both sets making him a deadly force to be reckoned with when pushed to his limits.

Yumi Date (2nd Year C-Rank)

A 16 year old girl who appears on to be sweet on the outside, but in truth she is a yandere and anything that catches eye and interests her she will stalk it until she is exhausted. After she heard about the rumors of an F-Rank recruiting members for his team she got interested what makes him tick. She also hides a secret from everyone and it's to be married to a noble from England knowing he works with BloodClaw Productions. So she decides to make the most of the time she has left of freedom. Jet meets her one day after school realizing he was being followed by her. Yumi inquired why Yui and Misaki ally themselves with him to join his team. He says he doesn't know himself it's just that he's was taught to be a kind soul, that protects others, and give justice and respect to those who deserve it. She decides for him to escort on a date and for her to experience that for the very first time. On the date she comes to terms that she can her true self when she goes to school, and when she's around people especially Jet. She decided to tell Jet a secret that no else knows, she's engage and to be married to the an English noble by name of Alastair who's father happens to be Ethos, a high ranking employee of BloodClaw Productions and a noble as well. Jet asks her why she does not get have the freedom to choose she marries or make her own choices. She replies that the Date Clan is on the decline, so in order to save it she is to be wed that English noble, but she knows that Alastair and his father are up to no good along with BloodClaw Productions. Yumi thanks Jet for the great date and kisses him goodbye, also saying she will have to drop out of school and she's says this is the last time Jet will ever see her. Jet got meet Alastair and he told him to stay away Yumi, and that he can't stop them or their plans. Jet knew he needed to help her and explained the situation to his friends, but they all agreed not knowing where to start on helping her until here old brother came in pleaded Jet to help his little sister, and he even has the information they needed in order to expose the truth. On the day of the wedding as the ceremony was getting underway Jet, Yui, Misaki, and Shiki interrupt the festivities, and decide to challenge Ethos and Alastair for the freedom Yumi Date and her whole clan. They win the challenge and expose Ethos and their intentions with BloodClaw productions. Thankful towards Everyone Yumi decides on joining the team promising Jet her sword and guns are for him to command. Choice of weapons is a Mechanized French Navy Saber, with two pistols strapped to her waist.

Sen Hōjō (3rd Year D-Rank)

A 17 year old girl who is half Japanese and half Chinese beginning her 3rd Year at the academy. She's the leader of the Man-Hater Triad. Joins Jet's team after the 2nd round of the tournament when he helps the trio overcome their hatred for men, and come to terms with their past during the Shibuya Showdown Arc. Choice of weapon is an Urumi, a sword that can transform into whip for mid ranged attacks.

Rika Uesugi (3rd Year A-Rank)

An 18 year old girl who is half Japanese and half English beginning her 3rd at the academy. She's member of Man-Hater Triad. Joins Jet's team after the 2nd round of the tournament when he helps the trio overcome their hatred for men, and come to terms with their past during the Shibuya Showdown Arc. Choice of Weapon an Eagle Claw, sword with spikes on both sides of the blade.

Shizuka Tokugawa (3rd Year B-Rank)

An 18 year old girl who is half Japanese and half American beginning her 3rd at the academy. She's member of Man-Hater Triad. Joins Jet's team after the 2nd round of the tournament when he helps the trio overcome their hatred for men, and come to terms with their past during the Shibuya Showdown Arc. Choice of Weapon a CannonBlade.

Ryusei "Fang" Sanada (1st Year S-Rank)

A 16 year old boy, who is the only S-Rank out of his gender, and is Jet's childhood friend. Joins Jet's team right before they are officially registered for the tournament after the Mt. Fuji incident. Choice of Weapons a Mechanized Katana and Dual Naginata.

Ibaraki Yagyu (2nd Year A-Rank)


Orakuru Maru (1st Year C-Rank)


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