Prologue: A Moonlight Encounter

"It's almost time for the Mystic Swordsman to be reborn."

A mysterious voice penetrates my dreams the same one that haunts me with the same premonition.

"The same dream again it's been like this for nonstop every night now for the past 2 weeks right before tomorrow as well."

"This great power will available to you, but not without a price make a decision what will you sacrifice?"

"You keep asking me the same question repeatedly what do you mean by that? I want to know. Tell me!"

"I can only encourage your will to become him, but only you can put in the work and figure out the purpose of the Swordsman, we'll meet again soon enough!"

"Wait, that doesn't answer my question! Stop!"

Too late by the time I tried chasing after the mysterious voice I could no longer feel it presence it was gone.

"Damn it keeps dodging the main question I have for it."

"Jet! Jet! Wake up!"

Another voice but I recognize this one it so familiar to me I can hear it in my dreams and reality no matter where I am.

"Wake up! It's already 4:00 am get a move on my student! I taught you better than this!"


That voice is always so loud that it forces me awake even in when I'm in a deep sleep.

"About time what happened was it the same dream again?"

"Yes Master Yoshimitsu it was the same dream that happened to me for 2 weeks now."

"Well, try not to worry about it I'm sure you'll figure out its true meaning soon enough."

"Right, that's if I can get that mysterious to tell me everything."

"Enough about that get ready you need to eat so we can train you know the drill."

"Of course, just give a few minutes."

"Breakfast is ready when you are, but try not to keep me waiting for too long."

My name's Rioichi Sakuraba and I'm 15 years old, but my master calls me Jet since the day I met him. My master who just left is Yoshimitsu he always wears that armor and I've never seen his true face but I can tell he's one of a kind in terms of personality, teaching style, and sense of purpose and justice.

"That's right I remember today's my birthday I just turned 15 and it's been 7 years since master found me on the exact date.

I was a complete zombie back then, I had no soul, personality, sense of purpose or direction, and my eyes were as dark and empty as new moon."

"Come on Jet let's go!"


I threw on my usual set of training clothing, a black gee set with a blue belt, my gym shoes, goggles, a metal hat, and three bokken and got a move on.

"I'm ready let's eat."

"Finally I thought I was going to have to eat your breakfast again like the last time you slept in."

"Not cool, master. I know you did that 'special training' on purpose so you can my portion of food, that's not happening again!"

"Right, let's just dig in, it's going to get cold."

"Bless it first."


After that we just went straight to eating the food before us, shoving it down our throats with no breaks in between. Just one of the many parts of our daily routine.

"Don't short change me on the shrimp master I saw you trying to stuff it away for later."

"What about you my pupil, you're hogging all the onigiri again you vulture!"

"I resent that comment you know?"

"You're definitely my student the one I've raised and trained for the past 7 years!"

"They say the students take after their masters."

A little bit later we're done eating and started towards the deep sections of Mt. Fuji. That area would be the serve as the last training session with my master.

"Come on we're almost there right master?"

"Yes, but slow down Jet I'm not young anymore you know?"

"Sorry but I'm excited for this day I mean it's the last training session I have with you."

"True, but remember even though I may not have anything left to teach you, there are other things to learn from the people you interact with. Remember my motto it's--"

"The Wheel of Fate is always turning, it's up to you stop it, may not land on something you wanted, but even misfortune can become fortune when your mind is set. I know I memorized it to heart because you always say it before a battle or training session begins."

"Well it look my teachings have really sunk in over the years huh?"

"That and my memorization skills."

"Well at least you know your strengths and weaknesses."

The two of us have been together so long that we know each other's thoughts and can finish other's sentences as well. To tell you the truth since I lost my parents, my best friend went to train with as weapon specialist, and no other living relatives my master and I have been a family since the day he came across me in his travels. Once he decided make me is only student he built a dojo for us to live and train in together. It was not exactly a luxurious place you find in the city but it was home to me and him, and we're able to access internet and had interests that most people from the city do as well.


"Hey Jet is something wrong? You stopped all of sudden."

"I thought I felt someone following us maybe two people, watching our every move."

"Are they hostile?"

"One is gives hostility and the other is more of an observer and gentle only when provoked will they attack."

"Well it's not like they are going to try something now, let's continue."

"Got it if anything comes up I know we can handle it together."

"That's correct my pupil."

We kept walking until we reached our destination the deep caverns inside the mountains we call it the Dragon's Jaw because of the amount of sharp rocks in the area look like teeth inside of a dragon's mouth. At the same time I was unaware that both of our stalkers had taken an interest in me and master for very different reasons however.

"That's my target to take out the pair walking this will be easy money working for the BloodClaw Productions. Can't believe they think those two are threats and one of them is F-Rank. Still a hit is a hit no matter the target, and money is money."

"Interesting that boy with the 3 swords is the one huh? He's pretty cute as well, despite his ranking I think I know how to go about this as well. One thing is for sure this year will be interesting for everyone involved."

We got started as soon as we arrived, no breaks, which was fine by me after all I to show my master everything I've got.

"Okay Jet show me what you got release about 5% of your power okay? Dont want to bring the whole area down."

"Got it. Focus and gather the chi needed."

"Now destroy the targets!"

"Here I go!"

I drew two of my bokken and just began to fight as if the targets are real people competing in a tournament.

"Remember Jet since they only judge you by the amount of magic you have more flexibility to be more creative with moves and strategies try to be a wildcard and not let your opponents get a read on you!"


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

My bokken destroyed every target in the area with my speed being the deciding factor.


"You've definitely improved since the first day of training."

"Well thanks to your vast knowledge of ninjutsu, kung-fu, iaijutsu, iaido, kenjutsu, and battojutsu I was able to get a grasp on how to fight along with how to defend and counter just about every style out there in the world."

"That's good to hear shall we continue?"

"Yes please I want to make this last training session with you have the most value."

"Ha! Hahahahahaha! Okay I'll give everything I have then Jet!"

"Bring it then my master!"

A little later we we're finished with everything, and decided to rest for a little bit before heading back, and the best part it was not even 9:00 yet!

"That was great I'll never forget that training session for the rest of my natural life."

"I'm glad you had fun with that my pupil oh that's right here I was saving it for later but I think it's best if I give you this now."

He handed me a box with blue wrapping paper and with a red bow.

"A present for me?"

"Happy birthday Jet!"

"Thank you master what is it?"

"Open it up and find out!"

I decided to tear it off as quickly as I could. I was surprised.

"A new hoodie and set clothes. It's perfect and what's this, armor?"

"I knew that you like it and also that armor right there is easy to store all you have to do is touch the dial on left hand and it will disappear into your dial. It will activate you touch it again. It also stores weapons when not in use as well."

"Thank you, but what about weapons I only have these 3 bokken."

"Don't worry your next present is back at the dojo!"

"Well then what are we waiting for let's hurry back!"

I picked up the pace and ran as fast as I could to get back to our home as soon as I heard that.

"Jet slow down! Wait for me! Honestly I swear that boy is just like his father when he was still alive."

(About 10 minutes later.)

"Here you go you're very own set of mechanized katanas!"

"There are only two though."

"The third will be with them soon enough okay so try to calm down for now okay?"

"Of course my master. Is it alright if I go out for a little bit?"

"Sure thing, but where do you plan to go?"

"I need to head into Shibuya and Akihabara for awhile there's some new music and games I can get and Mr.  & Mrs. Jaeger wants to see me."

"Alright but be home before dinner tonight's special is Grease Fest!"

"Cool see you later Master Yoshimitsu!"

As I darted out the door with my new clothes on and armor weapons stored for away for now I headed towards Shibuya first to get the music I reserved for today. Little did I know that would be the last time I get to see my master alive and kicking before the day was over.

"Got the music now to see the Jaegers. Shibuya is just as busy as ever. People are just everywhere especially with school starting back up tomorrow."

"All passengers the next stop is at CAT Street if you wish to get off here please stand next to the doors and wait for them to open. Have a nice day!"

"Well at least the subways aren't too bad all things considering of course. Well time to get off."

Even there was no big crowd today it still felt like a meat sauna in that subway line, but that could not break or ruin my mood.

"Next stop WildKat cafe."

(5 minutes later.)

"Hello anyone in here?"

It was quiet and dark, I could my echoes across the whole room.

"The Jaegers should be here the doors are unlocked, and there's no way that they would leave it unattended like this."

Just then the lights came on.

"Surprise, Happy Birthday, Rioichi!"


"We were able to startle you for once. That's a win in our book!"

"Nice to see you as well Andrew."

"Jet there you are it's nice to see you again."

"Hey Laura yeah it has been a while since I've been here due to my training."

"That's no excuse for you not to come and see us. Punishment time over here."

She grabs me by the arm and then takes her other hand, grabs of my head and buries it in her bust.

"Oh come on you know how I feel about this!"

"Endure it this is your punishment for not visiting me enough."

Normally this would be a man's dream come true but it can be a nightmare as well.

"I can't breathe, let me go please!"

"That enough Laura anymore you might kill the boy."

"Alright I hereby release you."

The woman who just released me is Laura Jaeger and the man beside her is Andrew Jaeger. These two are a married couple in their mid-30s who came all the way from the United States to open a cafe here in Shibuya. They specialize in many different desserts from different parts of the world. They were mechanized weapons users and still are to a certain extent when things get desperate or when customers get unruly. They were famous back in their prime, but in my opinion they don't look a day over 20.

"Jet here I baked a caked for you."

"Really what flavor Laura?"

"Cookies and Cream in the shape of a yin-yang symbol with ice cream in the middle."

"Oh man can we dig in now please?"

"Of course it's your day after all."

"Thanks Andrew and Laura."

"No, thank you Jet if wasn't for you or master, the cafe's success would have not gotten off the ground, so eat to your heart's content."

We sat and talked for awhile to catch up. That took about 4 hours, but I didn't mind it was great seeing those again.

"I'd better get going I still have to go to Akihabara for a new game release today."

"Okay bro no problem it was great seeing you again."

"Be sure to come by and visit again more often if not punishment time again. Same goes for your master I haven't seen that fool since 1 month ago."

That statement made me shudder.

"Okay I promise to come by more often, and thanks for the gift it's perfect."

"Take care of yourself and good luck in class tomorrow!"

"See you soon!"

I turned the corner and was gone from their sight heading towards my next destination.

"Knowing Jet he'll be fine that boy has grown up over the years I've known him."

"Same here makes me wish we had children of our own, plus Jet is really kind, smart, courageous, and so cute especially when put into embarrassing situations. I have no doubt in my mind he's going to make girl's hearts sing someday."

"Only if you don't kill him first."

(About 30 minutes later.)

"Got the game now head to back and help master with dinner. Can't wait to sink my teeth into all that food."

As I leaving the store content with my purchase I saw this girl who stood out here in Akihabara. Her hair was purple with pink and blue streaks and highlights, she wore a Lolita designed clothes with a purple shirt, jean skirt with boots and sorts of accessories, and she had figure that could a turn guys head and give them a nosebleed if not careful. She looked she was in a panic, so I decided I could not leave her like that.

"Excuse me are you okay?"

"I-I'm trying to get the latest video game Tekken 500, but I don't which store to go in."

"Well then follow me into this store it may look big, but the employees here are really nice and give nice discounts to first time buyers and repeat customers."

"O-Okay thank you."

"Sure, no problem."

"(Excellent just as I planned.)"

(About 1 hour later.)

"Sorry if I took up your time."

"Don't worry about its okay after all I could not just leave you that."

"Listen, let me buy you something to drink it's the least I can do to repay you for your help."

"You really don't need to do that. Oh man look at the time I need to go my master is waiting for me."

"Okay I see next time then okay promise."


I was getting ready to leave and head when I saw 3 thugs getting ready to jump her.

"Hey there cutie. How would you like to spend some quality time with us?"

"We'll treat you real nice."

"Why don't we go somewhere more private?"

"No thanks I'm not really into you, and guys come off as people who care less about others."

"We tried the nice guy approach now it's time for brute force. Boys ready your weapons!"

"Got it boss."

The 3 thugs got their weapons out and started to lunge at her.

"You're ours now girlie!”

"No, someone help!"

"Wyvern Slash!"



"Hey what do you think you trying to do to this girl?"

"We we're just messing around with her you know like a joke?"

"That's wasn't funny if you want funny allow me to show you the punch line personally."

"Kid I just checked your stats you're an F-Rank what could you do to us who are ranked C and higher?"

"Come closer and find out for yourself then."

"Let me handle this boss."

"Very well put this punk in his place."

"Listen get out of here I'll be fine."

"Not happening trust me I got this one."

"Hey pay attention to me not your girlfriend kid."


"What the he disappeared!"

"Where are you looking I'm over here!"


I shut him down easily by injuring his arm and stomach.

"You'll pay for that I'm next. Yaaaaaa!"

"Pressure Points."

"What's going on?"

"I hope you don't need that arm for a couple days you can't move it."

"He took down my boys in an instant. I need to escape! Sorry boys you're on own from here."

"He's getting away!"

"Don't worry I can catch him no problem."

"Heh. The punk's not chasing me. I'm home free!"

"What type of boss leaves his employees behind? Only a coward would ensure his own safety by running away."

"What you were back there a minute ago how did you--?"

"It doesn't matter lights out. Wyvern Stasis."

"He may be an F-Rank, but he's far from acting like it. We messed with the wrong person."


(About 10 minutes later.)

"You feeling better?"

"Yes. Thanks to you, you've helped me twice already, so may I have my savior's name please?"

"Sure my name is Rioichi Sakuraba, but people who know me call me Jet so please do the same."

"Yes, of course thank you, Jet I will definitely remember to give a reward next time I see you."

"Alright, something tells me you won't let it go until you pay me back, see you next time."

"Sure, wait hold on!"


Without warning she kissed me on the cheek. Made my heart jump, and my face turned a deep shade of red.

"Uh, Uh....."

"Just a thank you for right now. Not much but I think it works after all you are much cuter when you turn red and become embarrassed like that. See you later, Jet."

She disappeared like that. I had to snap myself back to reality before I got even more dazed.

"Whoa that was interesting, but it felt nice as well. Oh no it's after 8:00 got to get home! It's chow time. Should have gotten her name maybe next time."

I decided to try out the gift I received from the Jaegers, a brand new gilder hoverboard. With this now I don't have to use the subway all the time. I'd better make I use this gift to visit them more often.

"Let's ride! Yahoo!"

(I knew he was the right choice. The Mystic Swordsman shall live again, and will guide to his destiny.)

I got back to the dojo as fast as I could. The lights off which was unusual for master Yoshimitsu during this time of night. I sensed something was amiss.

"Master I'm back! Hello? Master?"

No answer just silence. When I walked into the next room I was horrified at the sight.


"Jet, get away now!"


Just then an assassin came out of hiding tried to kill me. If not for my master's warning. Part A would have been separated from Part B.

"Who are you, and what you done to my teacher?"

"Sorry kid just part of the job nothing personal. I need you to die now!"

"It became personal when you attacked my master! Prepare yourself no mercy from me!"

"This will end badly for you either way! I outrank you by a marginal amount there's no way--"

"Wyvern Slash!"


He was cut in two by sword so fast that even a camera could not capture the moment.

"Impressive child, but this is just the beginning BloodClaw Productions will slaughter you in my place after all I was hired by them to do the job, but at least I don't have to return with a failed assignment of not having taken out both targets."

"I still hate the fact of what you did to my master, but whoever hired you has a bigger price to pay. See you later assassin."

"Likewise. Mystic Swordsman."

The last words of a hired assassin were the same ones uttered in my sleep for the past 2 weeks. BloodClaw Productions who were they? I need to worry about that later. For now my master needs help.

"Master hold on please I'm going to get you help!"

"Jet you know as well as I do this is it for me. I can no longer be here in this world my body won't let me."

"Master Yoshimitsu I don't want you to die I'm going to miss you much."

"Same here my pupil, but before I die I need you to grab my sword."

"What you mean now's the time for the ritual!?"

"Yes this is the 3rd sword you will receive from me the cursed katana of Yoshimitsu."

"Okay but before the ritual begins I have to give you something and I won't take no for an answer this time."

"Okay but get the sword first."

I did as I was instructed by master like many times before in the past and grabbed the sword very quickly. Walked to over to him at a quick pace.

"What do you wish to give me before we begin?"

"This, you should recognize it."


"Right it's a piece of cake from WildKat Cafe. Laura gave this to me so you can try it. It's my birthday cake please this my last request from me please it all."

"If it's for you two then I will gladly eat it before my death."

He wasted no time eating the cake and dinner we prepared for ourselves before his death.

"Jet are you ready my prized pupil?"

"Yes I am ready."

"Before we begin let me say this no matter what happens I'm proud to be your master for the past 7 years I've watched you grow from zombie to warrior, who now has a personality, and sense of direction all you need now is a new purpose to live. Whatever you do unless you or your friends feel threatened, or want to get stronger for yourself to protect your friends and win the tournament don't unleash your true power for it can either become the silver of hope or gates of destruction."

"Yes I promise. My Master."

"Very good. Let's begin the ritual."

The whole area became engulfed with green flames. Now came the hard part for me to slay my master by stabbing him the heart and say the chant. I had to do it no choice in the matter, but I still felt guilty.

"I am Yoshimitsu, calm yourself wild sword!"


"It is done my master I am the new Yoshimitsu and the bearer of its blade."

"Well done my pupil I knew you could do it. Now it's time for to say goodbye to this world. Remember everything I taught you and be ingenuitive while on your quest okay, and take care of yourself alright?"

"Normally I would retort back at you, but this I can't do it. I'll heed your words and engrave on my heart."

"Well at least I got that one on you take care Rioichi Sakuraba, let's meet up again in the next life if possible, and more thing happy... birthday."

After those last words from his mouth he finally died slumped over in his suit of armor, but for once I was able to see his face and he looked young despite being over 300 years old. Maybe the sword kept his young appearance, but was not able to keep up with his aging body. Maybe that's how I'll end up later, but I can't worry about that now I need bury my master and worry about going to school tomorrow. While I was pondering this a shadow of familiar figure appeared to me.

"Hello there Jet I said we'd meet again soon didn't I?"

"You're the girl from Akihabara. What are you doing here?"

"I already knew where you lived because I've been following since this morning."

"This morning...wait that means you were one of the people watching us, but you didn't plan to kill me or my master were you?"

"Very good, I knew you were clever, but not this clever."

"Well what do you want you saw everything transpire here didn't you?"

"Don't worry I tell anyone what happened here tonight and I have a proposal for you. Just hear me out."

"Fine what is it I can tell you flipped from being scared to serious, but then that was all a ruse to test me right?"

"Correct everything up to those thugs attacking me was part of my plan to get to know you. The thugs I could've defeated on my own but you stepped in showed me what kind of man you were, and I'm glad you made the right choice."

"We're getting off topic here what's the deal you want me to agree with?"

"Straight to the point huh? Very well I shall help you bury your master and keep your secret, in exchange you must become my student at my family's dojo and listen and do everything I say within reason."

"You got a deal, just help me bury him and what's your name?"

"Yui Tachibana, it's very nice to meet you once again Rioichi Sakuraba."

"Like I said call me Jet my master and friend did and so shall you."

"Okay Jet, then please take care of me from now on"

I don't whether it was on whim or instinct I agree to her deal without a second thought. She smiled at me under that moon and with an expression that made didn't make me nervous at all, but rather happy because all my doubts and fears were pushed away. I did not know what the future held for me at that moment, but I felt like I could face anything with her help I could become the greatest swordsman to ever live, and I want to see that calm, cool, and collected smile from her again. This will be the moonlight encounter and promise, master if you can hear me now I think I'm starting find my own purpose.