Common Sites

KissAnime- This site well favored by most otakus who don't want to pay have no money for a subscription to major anime sites like Funimation, Hulu, Netflix, or Aniplex. Very few to no adds, and people can select the quality of the video they want to see their anime. It also breaks down the anime into many genres and categories and allows a person to create a free account and bookmark their favorite anime so they can easily access wheter they're at home or on the go, and gives the user the option to let them know when a new episode gets released by email. One thing that should be fixed is 35/40

KissManga- This site well favored by most otakus as well. Manga you can read at a high quality and without too much to worry about as well. It's divided up by category and genre as well just like it's partner KissAnime. The main concern or problem is the release inconsistent release dates for new manga and chapters. Sometimes you can't predict when new chapters get released for a long time favorite, and at times they might leave it untouched for a prolonged period of time due to a lack of staff for translation, redrawing, or editors. Other than that it offers people the same services that KissAnime does anime wise except it's for manga. 35/40

MangaHere- The site to me is like the blacksheep of the family when compared to ther sites due to the generic sorting. It needs more specifications in terms of searching and labeling manga. The bookmarks should also be arranged by name, so you don't have to spend all your time looking for book you really want to read. It's design choices are not the best ideas. 10/40

WatchCartoonOnline- This site is good as a backup for when KissAnime is not working correctly or when the server is down. However it needs work overall. Too many ads are in places, when you click on any spot when going there for the first of the day an ad pops up out of nowhere, and when left alone long enough it load another site when you're on phone. Also the site itself needs an upgrade in terms of appeal and display because it's lacking due everthing being all over the place from ads to the anime itself. 20/40

Anime News Network- This site a prime example of good information daily about everything that happens in the otaku culture. It constantly gets updated everyday of the week with new information every hour at least from events to anime reviews. It also has information on all voice actors and anime released. It's literally a database of information for those who like to in depth research and study. Users can subscribe to describe their favorite anime, and post even more information that's beneficial for the site itself as long the information has a credible source. My score would be 40/40.

AnimeLyrics- This one of the places I go for translations of Japanese songs I have in my library, and in my phone. It has most if not all songs on there, and the lyrics look like official translations if nothing else. My main concerns go with the pop-up ads and being led to an unrelated site when left along for too long or when you click on a link for the site and get redirected to somewhere else. One more thing that it needs is an update in terms of aesthetics so it's a little bit easier to see and navigate. Also there needs to more updates and source verifying systems in place. My score of would be 30/40.

Funimation- This is excellent in terms of both appeal, design, and information. All shows and videos are arranged in alphabetical order and episode order. The blog has useful infromation for those who keep with Funimation's activities and keeps track of new releases as well for english voice actors. The merchandise sold on the sight can be easily found and then a shopper can narrow down what they need based of the their favorite show, genre, and type of merchandise they want. The design fits well with Funimation's theme it meets the criteria in the terms of being fun, exciting, vivid, and yet not too simple or complex. Information is always kept up and revelant in terms of release schedule for new anime, DVDs, and broadcast dubs. This site is the prime example of what other anime sites should strive to be. I give it a 40/40.

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